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Yara's Crop Nutrition podcast

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Aug 9, 2018

Scott Warr invites three expert guests on to today’s show to discuss potato crop nutrition. We have repeat guest Steve Petrie,  Director of Agronomic Services at Yara North America, joining us today, Jimmy Ridgway, Crop Nutrition Solution Brand Manager of TopPotato, and Shawn McIver, Regional Sales Manager for the Atlantic Canada Region. Our guests discuss the summer heat and how it affects potato crop, what growers can do to combat it, and how to ensure your potatoes are healthy and happy throughout the entire growing process.


Key Takeaways:

[2:45] It’s hot right now! How does the heat affect our potatoes?

[4:00] Where in the world do potatoes typically grow?

[4:50] Jimmy and Steve explain why the heat disrupts the growing process of potatoes.

[8:05] Is there a way we can mitigate the heat stress for our potatoes?

[11:50] What did potato growers do in the northeast during the summer heat before Yara’s products came into production?

[13:05] Steve explains the key roles that calcium and potassium play in crop nutrition.

[16:30] How do growers in the north west deal with potato heat stress?

[18:05] Jimmy shares some key takeaways he learned at the Potato Association of America conference he recently attended.

[19:55] Where can growers go to get more information about heat stress on their potatoes?

[20:30] How can your local agronomists help with your crops?

[21:15] What does this year’s harvest season look like? 


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